Joe arrived at the restaurant before Mia, but he saw her as soon as she got out of her car. She was beautiful, exactly like she had been in her pictures. Joe couldn’t believe it, she really was the woman of his dreams. She wore a sundress that showed her beautiful body while still leaving a little to the imagination. Mia was slim but her breasts were incredible for her size, round and full.

Mia smiled when she saw Joe. The man was a little older than her, but she thought he was cute. She smiled and waved as she walked up to him. Although it was their first time meeting, she hugged him as she greeted him. With a sweet smile, she pressed her body up against his.

“It’s wonderful to meet you,” she said as they approached the restaurant. The place was too busy and deep down Mia was glad to hear it. Joe excited her and she didn’t want to have to sit through a whole meal before she could really get close to him.

“Do you have any ideas for where else we could go?” Joe asked, feeling a little uncomfortable that his plan hadn’t worked out.

“I passed a bar on my way here,” she said, pointing down the street, “just over there.”

Joe agreed and they walked the block to the bar together. She seemed so small beside him, he hadn’t expected her to be so petite. In that sundress, she looked so sweet. He wanted to put his arm around her, just to make himself feel like he was protecting her, but he didn’t want to be too forward.

As soon as they arrived at the bar, Joe had a bad feeling about it. It seemed rough and sketchy. All neon lights and cheap beer. He glanced at Mia but she didn’t seem phased by it. Joe wondered if she was just too sweet to sense the danger in that place.

“Are you sure you want to drink here?” Joe asked as they paused outside the door.

“Yeah,” she said in a peppy voice, “it looks fun.”

Joe didn’t argue and convinced himself that he was overreacting. Together they walked into the bar. Right away Joe felt like they were sticking out, but Mia just walked up to the bar with long confident strides. She was acting like it was the most natural thing in the world to be there, but everyone was staring at her.

Shooting a smile at the bartender, she sat down on one of the bar stools. As uncomfortable as he felt, Joe sat down beside her. He really liked Mia and wanted to seem brave in order to impress her, but he knew that he would be useless if he had to defend her. Nervously, he glanced around the room and saw that people were still staring at her.

Nonchalantly, she ordered two beers for them. Mia gave no attention to the men who were staring at her like she was a meal. She knew how hot she looked in her sundress and she knew why they were staring, but she didn’t show any fear of them. Mostly, she looked like she wasn’t even noticing the eyes on her or the quiet that had fallen in the room.

“I think that maybe we should go,” Joe suggested very quietly, “I don’t want you to be made uncomfortable.”

Mia laughed slightly. “I’m used to this,” she said simply, “and honestly, I kind of like it.”

Joe was clearly taken aback by the statement. Processing what the sweet girl had just said to him, he took a sip of his beer. I should have known, Joe thought to himself, a girl this perfect is always going to be trouble.

He was starting to understand that the way that Mia appeared on the surface was deceiving. Though he was nervous, he was intrigued. The sweet and small girl was revealing a side to her that Joe wasn’t expecting. As frightened as he was about the situation they were in, he wanted to find out more.

Sipping his beer, Joe was thinking hard about the right question to ask Mia. He wanted to find out more about her, and he wanted to charm her too. All through the nervousness and the intrigue, Joe had been constantly distracted by Mia’s physical appearance. He could tell why everyone in that bar was staring at her, she was more than stunning. The proportions of her small body were perfect. The way that the curve of her breasts flowed down into her slim waist and hips.

Joe couldn’t keep the fantasies out of his mind as he watched her sip her beer. He wanted her desperately. Thinking about holding her, about undressing her and kissing her, was distracting him. He was so distracted that he didn’t even see that a member of their audience was approaching them.

Kane was the kind of man whose only real interest is going to the gym. He worked on his body constantly and the results were incredible. The man was built like a tank, with huge arms and shoulders. Maybe they were just vanity mussels, gained from protein shakes and personal trainers, but they were still intimidating to Joe who looked up at the man with horror on his face.

“How’s it going darling, I’m Kane,” he said, placing his huge body between Mia and Joe.

“I’m here with someone,” Mia said calmly. A dismissive wave of her hand indicated that Kane should leave, but he wasn’t going to be deterred that easily.

“You mean this guy?” Kane said with a laugh. Taking a step back, he looked Joe up and down.

Joe was almost shaking with fear. Even he could see where this was going and he couldn’t see a positive outcome for him. His heart was racing and he thought about running away, but he stayed glued to his seat.

“Why don’t you move along little man,” Kane said, laughing sadistically, “I don’t think that you’re her type.”

Mia rolled her eyes, bored with the whole game already.

As frightened as Joe was there was a primal need that welled up in him, a foolish and archaic desire to fight for his woman.

“I’ve just as much right to be here as you do,” Joe said definitely, staying in his seat.

A smile spread across Kane’s face, clearly overjoyed to have an excuse to show off his strength. Lunging forward, Kane grabbed Joe by the collar and lifted him up. Joe was on his tiptoes, held up by Kane. Everything happened too fast for Joe to even realise what was going on. His head was spinning.

“I said move along,” Kane growled, “are you deaf or something?”

“Hey! Hey!” Joe said desperately grasping for the right words to defuse the tension, “there’s no need for this, come on.”

“I’m going to teach you some fucking respect,” Kane said, starting to shake Joe.

“There’s nothing but respect here,” Joe said, his voice cracking with fear, “honestly, I respect you, I do.”

Kane turned his head towards Mia who was still sitting on the barstool. “Why are you with this coward?” He said, laughing sadistically.

Mia rolled her eyes again. After taking a sip of her beer, she stood up and took a step closer to Kane and too her terrified date.

“Let go of him,” she said simply and sternly, “or you’ll regret it.” She was so calm, so confident, that it even made Kane feel strange. It wasn’t the reaction that he expected from her.

“Come on babe,” he said with a whine in his voice, “I just wanna spend some time with you, is that so wrong?”

Mia placed her small hand on Kane’s arm, making it look even more delicate. Softening her gaze slightly, she looked at Kane and moved her hand up and down his arm a little. Kane smiled, thinking that she was just coming around and starting to admire the body that he had worked so hard on. Then he noticed a glimmer of something else in her eye, just as she grabbed his wrist.

Kane cried out in pain as Mia gripped his wrist hard. Everyone, including Joe, was looking at what was happening with puzzled expressions. As he yelped with pain, Kane let go of Joe. Stumbling back, Joe watched Mia as her little hand brought intense pain to the much larger and stronger man.

“You wouldn’t be able to handle me,” Mia said with a smile as she tightened her grip even more.

The huge man fell to his knees on the barroom floor. Everyone was gasping with shock at Mia’s power, but she was smiling as she enjoyed unleashing herself on Kane. Letting go of Kane’s wrist, she laughed to herself. He stared at his wrist, trying to see if it had been broken. While he was checking the damage, Mia decided that she wasn’t done playing with him yet.

Wrapping her slender arm around Kane’s neck with a smooth motion, she griped him in a powerful headlock. He struggled, trying to free himself, but it was hopeless. Somehow Mia was far more powerful than him. He felt humiliated as everyone watched him fighting hopelessly. Everything that he had worked to become came crashing down around him. He wanted to cry.

Looking up at Joe, Mia saw him staring at her in awe. Joe didn’t know what he was expecting, but he knew that it wasn’t that.

“So, Joe,” Mia said casually, giving no sign that what she was doing was requiring any effort. “Do you like powerful women?”

Joe just nodded, astounded by what he’s seeing. Mia smiled and released Kane from the headlock. Still in shock, Kane didn’t move anywhere.

“I think you owe Joe an apology,” she said to Kane.

The look in his eyes was pure fear as, entirely broken, he apologised to Joe.

“Good boy,” Mia said, patronising him heavily. “Now, you stay there and watch our date, okay?”

Kane flinched but agreed for fear of the consequences.  

Joe was still overwhelmed by everything that had happened as Mia turned to him with arousal in her eyes. “Kiss me,” she said softly.

Joe lent in and kissed her. There was a magnetism between them. As soon as she got that contact, she started to kiss him with an almost aggressive passion. He knew that she could do anything that she wanted to him, and it made his cock twitch with excitement.

Her hands started to roam over his body. She tugged his t-shirt off over his head. As strange as it was, passion drove him forward. With her, Joe felt like he could do anything.

“Undress me,” Mia said in a deep and sultry voice as she started to unbuckle Joe’s jeans.

Obediently, he pulled her sundress off over her head. Her body was stunning and he was blown away by it. It made his cock hard as Mia pulled down his underwear to reveal his cock to the whole room.

Everyone was looking at them, shocked by what was happening but too afraid to say anything. Mia had demonstrated her strength and that meant that she was going to take everything that she wanted. At that moment, she wanted to fuck.

They were both naked now. Mia’s beautiful body on show to everyone. They wanted to touch her, she made them aroused, but they didn’t dare try anything. Joe was surprised at how thrilling it was. Things were only just beginning but it was the most exciting sexual experience of his life. He didn’t know that he liked to be watched and he didn’t know that he liked to feel powerless, but it all fulfilled a dream that he never knew he had.

Like it took no effort at all, Mia lifted Joe up onto the bar. He gasped in anticipation of what was about to happen. The bar felt sticky under his skin, it was so seedy and so exciting. Mia was riding a high from asserting her dominance over Kane and the whole room of people. He had underestimated her and now he was regretting it. It made her feel like a goddess and now she was going to show more of her power in a different way.

Kane was shaking with fear and with anger but he didn’t dare move. He just watched as Mia climbed onto the bar. He had made the mistake of underestimating her once and he wasn’t going to do it again. As hard as it was, he suffered through his punishment. He knew that the alternative would be much worse.

Right before she began, Mia turned to look at Kane and smiled. She could see his sad jealous eyes on her body. Even after everything, he still wanted her. It made her feel even stronger.

“Take a good hard look at what you’ll never have,” she said. Mia smiled as she poured salt in the wound and rubbed it in.

Looking down at Joe, she smiled. Mia pressed her wet entrance to the tip of his hard cock. Joe was panting, unbelievably aroused and in desperate need for the release that only Mia could give him.

Slowly, at first, she lowered herself onto him. She let out a low and indulgent moan as Joe’s cock filled her up. She felt tight around Joe’s cock, he rolled his eyes as he entered her.

Then she let herself go and rode him wildly. She bounced up and down with all of her powerful force, pounding Joe’s cock deep inside of her. She was moaning and screaming, putting on a good show for her astounded audience.

Joe clenched his whole body, trying not to cum too soon. He was having so much fun and he wanted her to ride him to her orgasm. He could feel it coming. Her cunt was squeezing his cock as her orgasm started to build. She threw her head back in the height of her ecstasy, nearly screaming from the intense pleasure.

Bouncing wild and rough, she brought herself to a magnificent orgasm. She came screaming and moaning, making sure that everyone in that bar knew that she had ridden herself to a powerful orgasm. Mia’s small body was shaking, but she didn’t seem any less powerful.

With her same rough pace, she continued to ride Joe’s cock. Up and down, she bounced powerfully. It was so rough that it was almost becoming painful, but Joe was so thrilled by the entire situation. Eventually, she drew his orgasm from him. He almost screamed from the most powerful orgasm of his life as she filled herself with his cum.

Once she had taken every drop of cum that Joe had, Mia climbed off the bar and slipped her sundress on as if nothing odd had happened.

“That was perfect,” she said, kissing Joe’s cheek.

Then, as the crowd of astounded strangers parted for her, she left the bar with a smug smile on her face.

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