I’ve been thinking, dreaming, about the things I want you to do to me. It’s all I can think about, you taking a hold of my throat and quietly making sure I know who I belong to. I’m yours, but you know that already.

Closing my eyes, I can almost feel your breath on my neck. I want to feel your quick darting tongue and that little hint of teeth. Remind me of the animal inside you, the one that could tear me apart at any moment.

I want to shudder as you whisper in my ear, calling me things that I know deep down that I am. Make me your whore. Show the world that I’m your slut. I want to be made your slave, and I know that you’re strong enough to be my master.

Tie me up, so tightly that it hurts. I want to feel helpless and I want to feel like your toy. Let me struggle a little, just to test it, so that there isn’t a doubt in my mind how trapped I am. Gag me, to see my pretty mouth stretched out around the ball. Look into my eyes and smile as I mumble into the gag, let me know that pleading whines won’t earn my freedom. I want to be at your mercy.

With a smile, I want you to punish me. Take advantage of my helplessness, and torture me with canes and whips. I want you to beat me so that I can shudder at the whip’s sting. I want to feel that rush that comes with the pain, with nothing that I can do to stop it. Beat me, as hard as you can, until I’m ready to cry and beg for mercy.

When you send me away, I want to have bruises to remember you by. I want to flinch when I sit down from the welts on my skin. I want my heart to race when I see the purple bruises and remember how rough you were with my body.

Play with my pussy, tease me and let me know who’s in charge. Take out my gag, just to hear me beg you. Tickle my clit until my wetness is dripping down my legs, but don’t let me cum until I’ve begged you for it.

Once I’ve degraded myself, begging for your cock, stuff it in my mouth. I want to gag on it, tears streaming down my pretty face. Shove it down my throat, until I’m choking on it. Tell me I’m doing a good job, that you’ll make a good whore out of me. When you’re done with my mouth, spit on my face. I want to feel dirty, and I want to feel used.

Bite my nipples just to hear me scream, then move down my body and get ready to use me. I want to feel like a sex doll, just made to be used. Don’t be gentle with me, I’m yours to abuse. I want to feel your cock thrusting into my already over sensitive pussy. I want to hear you grunt as you thrust yourself deep inside me. I want you to use me, pounding into me.

Call me names and make me feel like an object to be used. Tell me that I’m worthless as anything other than your cum dumpster. Wrap your hands around my throat and choke me until I almost pass out. Take me right to the edge and let me know how worthless I am. I want to feel that my life is in your strong hands.

Pound my until my legs tremble and my eyes roll back into my head. Laugh at the whining noises that I made as I have orgasm after orgasm on your cock. Laugh at me, the pathetic little whore, while I cum and cum. Pound me and pound me until you cum.

I want you to cum inside me, shoot it deep inside my pretty pussy. I want to feel it dripping out. I want to feel used, like your whore. After you’ve used me I want you to use me again, and again, and again. I want you to fuck me until I can’t take it any more and then I want you to fuck me one last time.

Once you’ve filled my pussy with your seed, I want you to take my arse. I want you to force your cock in that too small hole, making me stretch out for you. Tell me that you don’t care how much it hurts, that my body belongs to you and you’re going to use it. I want you to force your cock deep into my arse and then I want you to fuck me.

Use me while I can’t get away, can’t even struggle. Fuck my arse hard, ignoring my screams and cries. Put the gag in my mouth and tell me you don’t want to hear my whining, that you don’t care. I want you to fuck me until my eyes roll back and I seem like a brain dead slut who’s only made to take your cock. I want you to fuck me until I forget my own name and only answer to whore.

I know that you can do this to me, I know that you want to. Keep me bound and play with me. Hurt me, fuck me, make me cum. I want you to pound me, fucking both my holes full of cum over and over again. I want you to leave me a trembling mess, covered in bruises and full to bursting with cum. Send me home, with your seed dripping down my legs. Send me home dreaming of more.

I want you to make me your cum whore, doing anything to drain you. I want you to use me and to make me feel like a filthy slut. Threaten to pimp me out, to share me with your friends. Make me dream of days filled with just cock, using me and filling me up. I am your slut, use me how you want. Please use me. I’m ready to beg.