Adam was laying in bed while I was getting dressed. He was calling for me, telling me how hard he was and how much my body was turning him on. It was almost time for me to leave for an appointment, I kept telling Adam this, but he wanted me and he kept telling me how much he wanted to cover me with his cum.

I was rushing to get ready, but his words were so distracting and so hot. I wanted his cum as much as he wanted to give it to me, I couldn’t deny it. I knew that if I didn’t stop for a quickie, that I would be thinking all day about what I had missed out on. I could see his cock, hard below the sheets.

“Your arse looks so fucking sexy in those leggings,” he purred as he watched me fixing my hair, “mmm, just let me have one squeeze.”

I turned and smiled at him. Then took a step backwards towards his outreached hand. He grabbed my arse while I continued to look at myself in the mirror. He was so desperate for me, so turned on by the way that my shapely arse looked, I couldn’t deny him his pleasure.

He was already touching himself, unable to resist. Turning around, I pushed the covers to one side to look at his hard cock. I  wrapped my hand around it and gave it a few strong strokes. A little pearl of precum started to drip off the tip, making my insides flutter. The sight of his cock, hard for me, turned me on so much. I started to get carried away.

“Worship my arse,” I moaned, turning around and sticking out my arse, “give me your offering.”

Adam got up onto his knees and started to rub his cock on my arse. I felt that pearl of precum wet the thin fabric and I wanted more. It felt so dirty, I couldn’t believe how hot it made me feel.

I could feel Adam getting closer. He was starting to grunt as he thrust his cock roughly against my arse. He was rutting against me, dry humping me like a teen. The feeling of his breath on my neck was incredible as he started to cum.

“Cover me with it, spread it over my leggings,” I moaned.

He came, his cum squirting over the back of my leggings. It was like his cum was an offering in worship of my arse but it was also so dirty. I sighed as I felt the wetness seeping through. As he came, he kept thrusting his cock against me as he pushed through his orgasm. He was rubbing the cum in as he spread it over me.

I was so aroused by the cum that covered my leggings all over my arse. It made me feel dirty.

“I have to go,” I said, not bothering to change.

Adam smiled, seeing me leave with the evidence of his ecstasy all over the back of my leggings, “I’ll see you at the party later.”

All day I found myself aroused by the wetness that I felt on the back of my leggings. Even after I tied a jumper around my waist to cover the stain, I felt aroused by it. I knew that I had cum all over me, and the knowledge of it made me feel so excited. It was so dirty and so naughty. I kept thinking about Adam, wanting to get this same rush again.

Later, after I had changed, I went to that party. I knew that I wanted to play again as soon as I could. I met Adam in the kitchen and started to kiss him deeply. When I pulled back I whispered in his ear.

“Come with me,” I said in a sultry voice, “I want you.”

With a look of pure lust in his eyes, he followed me through the halls. We ducked into a closet together for some privacy and I fell onto my knees. Just outside, the party was going on. All our friends were drinking and laughing and talking. Meanwhile, Adam was unbuttoning his jeans to show me his hard cock.

I wrapped my mouth around it and started to suck. I knew exactly what I was doing and I wasn’t going to tease him to drag things out, I wanted his cum and I knew exactly how to draw it from him.

I looked up at him as I sucked his cock, seeing the way that he struggled to hold back his moans. If he cried out with pleasure, we would be heard. There was only a thin wooden door between us and the party. I could see the look on his face though, I could see how close he was getting to cumming.

I sucked and swirled my tongue around his cock until I felt him getting close, until I knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold back. Then I started to give him everything I had, sucking hard as he started to cum. I felt his warm cum filling my mouth and I rolled my eyes. I wanted to drink it down, but I didn’t. I had different plans.

I held that hot load of fresh cum in my mouth as I stood up. He smiled at me before we slipped out of the closet.

I walked around the party, feeling that thick load of cum filling my mouth. It tasted wonderful and it felt dirty. People smiled at me, none of them knowing that my mouth was full of cum. It was so arousing and so dirty. Having this dirty little secret that no one knew but me.

I kept that load of cum in my mouth as long as I could. When you stopped to talk to me, I nodded along to what you said, feeling the cum moving in my mouth. Then, when finally I had to speak, I swallowed it down. I can still taste it.