I feel like I’ve been exploring my body and my sexuality for a long time. I know that I have a lot more to explore and experience, but I wasn’t expecting to learn anything new about my body. A new kink? Sure, I think I’ll discover plenty more. A new experience? Yes, I think that there’s a lot more for me to try. Discovering that my body could do something new, something that I had no idea I was capable of, that came as a surprise.

The past year has been a year of calm and peaceful monotony. I write my smutty stories, I try to keep on top of the housework, and I go to bed with my partner. I’m lucky that, unlike so many others, my sex life has still been fun and fulfilling through this stressful year. I know that stress and monotony have killed many sex drives. I’ve had my fun, but the days often seem to blur into one. I’ve been having fun with my partner, and we’ve been doing a decent job of keeping things interesting. In this year where I’ve felt like I’ve been living the same day over and over again though, very little has felt genuinely new. That’s why I was so surprised when I squirted.

I was naked and laying back on the bed. My partner laid between my spread legs, looking at my centre and starting to play with it. I tried to relax but found my mind started to wander a little bit. I looked down at my body and felt a sudden rush of self-doubt. I wanted to play, but all of a sudden I found that my head wasn’t in the right place.

With a smile, my partner reached for the wand vibrator on the nightstand. He looked at me.

“Are you ready?” He asked.

I felt something tense inside me. I knew what the vibrator could do to me. Within moments of it touching me my hips would be bucking and my body would be thrown out of my control. It was thrilling, but with my self-doubt, it was also frightening.

“I don’t know if my head’s in the right place yet,” I said, a little nervous. I didn’t want it to be over, I just wanted to be pulled back into the moment.

My partner placed his hand on my stomach, the large spread of his fingers on my skin made me start to relax right away.

“You are a beautiful and sexy woman… And you deserve an orgasm,” he said, looking into my eyes.

There was a seriousness to the way that he spoke, something that made it clear he was in control. I liked that. The words soothed me, and I felt myself being pulled back into the moment almost instantly. I felt my body relax, ready for whatever it was about to experience. I was in the moment, and I was ready to submit to the pleasure.

“I’m ready,” I said, meaning it deeply.

The vibrator started to buzz and I felt my partner’s strong hand on my thigh. I shuddered as he started to tease me with it. The vibrator on my nipple made me gasp. As it was dragged around my pussy lips, circling in closer and closer to my centre, I could feel my heart starting to race.

Then, releasing a soft moan, I felt the vibrator on my clit. I let my head empty of all thoughts and just fill with the arousal that was starting to pulsate through my whole body. I felt the tensing in my limbs, preparing for the great release that was only moments away. Lifting my arms up above my head, I gripped the pillow hard.

My whole body jolted with the force of my orgasm as I let out the unrestrained sounds of my desire. The wildfire of that orgasm tore through me almost violently. I welcomed it though, all of that uncontrollable pleasure. I submitted to my body, let the pleasure take it without holding anything back.

I came down from the orgasm, but my partner continued to toy with me. I rolled my eyes, thrashing my head from side to side as the pleasure moved me. There was more left in me.

My partner pressed the vibe to my clit, pressing it down and lifting it up in a perfect rhythm. He was teasing me with it, bringing my body slowly back up to that orgasmic state. It was working. With every touch of the vibe, my body jolted with pleasure. Each touch became more powerful than that last until, finally, I felt a second orgasm take me.

I moaned deeply, feeling the shot of arousal tightening me somewhere deep inside. I came, my body jolting with pleasure. Then I felt it, the rush of something wet flowing between my legs. I startled, unsure what I was feeling. I sat up in that small moment of panic.

“Something’s happening… I don’t know… What is that?” I asked. My first thought was that my period had come suddenly and early, that the warm liquid flowing down me was blood. It wasn’t blood though.

“You’re squirting!” My partner said excitedly. “Relax,” he said, with another wide smile.

My eyes were wide with excitement, I was squirting. Laying back, I relaxed and let it happen. I was making a mess, sure, but I didn’t let it worry me.

The vibe was pressed back down on my clit. I jolted again, feeling that pleasure building back up at an incredible rate. It all happened so quickly, but I was cumming again. I felt the liquid flow out of me as I shook and came. It was incredible. I was so excited and the pleasure was intense.

My partner kept up his rhythm, pressing the vibe to my clit and drawing out orgasm after orgasm. They came one after the other. As I grunted with the pleasure of them, the fluid flowed out of me. At one point, an especially powerful orgasm, the fluid shot out of me. Each one made me smile wide. I was so excited and thrilled by what my body was doing, and those orgasms just kept coming.

I’m still not sure exactly why and how it happened, though I plan to experiment with it a lot in the near future. Maybe it was the quick consecutive orgasms that caused the squirting. It could have been the rhythm of the vibe.

I know that the way my partner made me feel, safe to experience whatever my body threw at me with his full support, was a huge part of it. My partner made sure I knew that my pleasure was important. He made me feel relaxed enough to let it consume me entirely. The atmosphere of judgement free pleasure and curiosity gave my body the room it needed to open my eyes to even more possibilities.