I can create a personalised story to perfectly match your fantasies and fetishes. Maybe there's not a lot of content out there for your particular tastes or you just want something that gets the details of your fancy just right- I can help.

Every custom story that I write is created from scratch. I never work from pre-made templates or borrow from other stories. What you will get is a story written entirely from your brief so that every detail is customizable. I love what I do and believe that every story I deliver should be a valuable piece of art that will mean something to the person who bought it.

If you’re interested in hiring me for a project then please get in touch.

Please note that, though I am very open to a wide range of fetishes, I may refuse to write your story if it makes me uncomfortable. I won’t write about children and I am unwilling to write gore.

For more information on this service and what you can expect from it, check out this post:

Commissioning An Erotic Story:What To Expect
The Service Over the past few years, I have written hundreds of erotic story commissions.Taking the ideas and fantasies of my clients, I craft a personalized piece oferotica for them to enjoy. I write for a wide range of people, handling a widerange of themes and kinks, and love to create an exp…

The FAQ for my custom stories can be found here:

Can I purchase a story at a length you haven’t listed? Yes. I can be super flexible on word count and can create custom invoices forany word count. If it is a very short piece that you’re requiring then I do have a minimumcharge of £30 If you’re looking to have a piece written that is longer th…

And reviews for my custom work can be found here: