“Do you wanna try something a little different? Something new?” He asked me, a smile spreading across his face.

There was a glass of wine inside me, making my veins buzz just a little and bringing my guard down. We had just kissed, passionately and desperately. My shirt had been pulled up around my large breasts and my hair was already a mess. We were about to have sex. It wasn’t going to be the first time, but I was excited the way I would be if it was.

“Something new?” I asked, “maybe… Yes, I think so.”

“Something, kinky?” He added.

I felt myself blush. He had brought this up before, surprised that I had never tried any BDSM even though I was in my thirties. I don’t know why I had never tried it, I guess I had just never met the right person.

“Okay,” I said with a smile. I was nervous, but I knew that I trusted him.

“I’m going to take control,” he said simply, “but say the word ‘red’ and I’ll give all that control right back to you. Do you understand?”

I nodded. “Yes,” I said softly.

“Good,” he purred, “now. Strip for me.”

The way that he spoke was so commanding, I couldn't help but follow the order. I took off my clothes for him, instantly enjoying the feeling of giving up my control. I understood at that moment why people like to be ordered around and told what to do. I understood that I enjoyed it too.

“Good girl,” he purred, the sound of his voice making my pussy twitch. It was so arousing. So arousing that it almost frightened me.

“Get on your hands and knees,” he added, “on the bed.”

I did as I was told, getting into position. I felt exposed and I felt vulnerable, but I liked it. Was he going to take advantage of me? Was he going to push my limits? I found myself hoping that he would.

I stayed in my position, hearing him move around and open a draw. The next thing I felt was a cuff being buckled around my ankle. Both my ankles were bound in cuffs and then my wrists were too. I had never been restrained before and the sensation was overwhelming. The cuffs were soft against my wrists and I could move just enough that I still felt comfortable, but the feeling of helplessness and vulnerability was powerful. It was powerful and incredibly arousing.

“I’m going to spank you now,” he said, simply.

I inhaled deeply “Okay,” I said.

“I’m going to slap you ten times,” he said, “if you can take all ten… You’ll be rewarded. Will you be a good girl for me? Will you take your spanking?”

I nodded. I couldn’t speak. It was all too overwhelming in a way that I hadn’t been expecting. I was breathless with desire, so much so that I didn’t even try to force out any words.

His hand came down on my arse, his open palm slapping my cheek hard.

“Will you?” He asked again, clearly demanding that I answer him.

“Yes!” I cried out, shocked by the sensation of the slap.

The pain and shock took my breath away for a moment. After that moment, that pain faded into something else though. It left a warmth on my arse cheek and a glowing feeling of pleasure.

As promised, I received the spanking. Each slap stung harder than the next, as he focused his attention on my left arse cheek. The skin started to sting and flush red, but he kept slapping me there. I cried out, louder and louder with each slap of his hand. I felt my heart pound and my pussy throb as I found the pleasure in that pain.

It was such a rush that I rolled my eyes and I felt my mind go blank. For a long moment, as he slapped my arse over and over again, I found that I was feeling rather than thinking. I felt so free, free to get lost in that sweet sadistic pleasure.

When the final slap hit my arse, I was trembling slightly. It was from the pain and the shock, but also from the excitement. I wanted to feel him inside of me and I prayed that it was the reward that I was about to receive. I had taken the pain and now I wanted to be rewarded with my pleasure.

I felt his hand between my legs, stroking me and feeling how wet I was. It made me moan loudly. I was so desperate to be touched. I wanted to reach back and rub my clit until I came, but my hands were bound and I relied entirely on him. I would cum when he wanted me to, and not a moment before.

Then, I felt the tip of his cock against my entrance.

“Here’s your reward,” he purred, “don’t hold back. Cum for me.”

I nodded, breathless, as he thrust deep into me. Nothing was held back. He pounded me hard and fast, right away. I had taken the punishment and he wasn’t teasing me any more. He was fucking me hard and fast, making my whole body tremble as my orgasm started to take over my body.

I rolled my eyes, almost screaming, as I came. The orgasm tore through my body powerfully, made so intense by the spanking and by the restraints. I came so hard that I thrashed and tugged on the cuffs.

He kept pounding me all through my orgasm, thrusting deep into my oversensitive pussy and dragging out my orgasm until it became almost painfully long. Then, with a grunt, he started to cum into me.

“That’s a good girl,” he grunted as he thrust his cum into me, “take the spanking, take the pounding, take my cum.”

I felt his cock twitch inside me as I was filled up with his hot cum. It made me feel dirty, the same way that the punishment had. My whole body was satisfied deeply, if a little sore. It was my first experience like that, but I already knew that it wouldn’t be my last.