The bright sunlight glimmered off the pool blindingly. You would think that after working in the water all day that the last thing I would want to do in my downtime would be swimming, but I love the water. Besides, the heat was so powerful and the air so humid that I craved the soothing coolness of the pool.

After dragging myself out of bed, I slipped into my tight spandex speedos and walked out into the courtyard of my villa. It was still early, but the heat was already intense. I felt the sunlight on my bare skin. Spending so much of my time in that skimpy outfit has made me accustomed to the freedom that it brings. I don’t feel any shame over my body, it’s in good shape anyway, and I feel very comfortable in myself. I like being able to feel the sunlight on my bare skin, but not as much as I like to feel the water.

Climbing into the pool, I felt myself relax as the water engulfed me. Closing my eyes, I let myself sink down into the water. Pushing myself down further, I sat on the bottom of the pool and held myself there. I can hold my breath for ten minutes and have often exceeded that in a competitive setting. I aspired to break the freediving world record in the next few years, and I was on track to do it.

Looking up, I saw two feet just dipping into the water. I recognised the manicured toes as they moved slowly through the water. It was Sarah, my assistant for the trip who was staying with me at the villa. She was a stunning and bubbly blonde, but she always seemed so serious to me. Even though we had a lot of downtime, I had never seen her using the pool. Since I was at the bottom, she couldn’t see me as she slipped into the water.

I peered up at her as I watched her body breaking the surface and sinking into the water. She was wearing a bikini and I had never seen her in a swimsuit. Sarah had always worn very conservative clothing around me and that was the first time that I saw how stunning her body was. Over the last few days, she had tried in her shy way to flirt with me. Being focused on my work and not knowing how beautiful she was, I hadn’t flirted back. Now I could see how special she was.

Staying at the bottom of the pool for a few more moments, I really took in the way that she looked. She had toned and shapely legs and went up into her round arsecheeks. She was slim and had a flat stomach, but she was very shapely for a petite woman with large round breasts. When she wore loose-fitting clothes, she looked tubby, but I could see that she was just busty and had a beautiful hourglass figure.

I swam up to the surface behind her, then lifted myself up so that I was sitting on the edge of the pool. When she turned around to swim another length towards me, I could see the shock on her face.

“Ryan?” She startled, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were up.”

I smiled at how shy she was, her eyes avoiding my toned body. She thought that I didn’t like her and worried about being unprofessional, but I wanted her. My mind was no longer on my upcoming competition, it was on her beautiful body as it moved through the water.

“Don’t worry,” I said as I watched her swim towards me slowly, “I want you to be able to relax.”

“Thank you,” she said, still avoiding looking at me.

“You have great form,” I said, heavy with meaning, “the way you move through the water is mesmerising, may I give you some pointers though?”

Sarah smiled, clearly happy to be receiving the vibes that I was putting out. “Any tip would be great...If it’s no trouble,” she said, still a little shy. I loved how sweet she was.

I slipped into the water and swam under the surface towards her. Skillfully, I circled her like a shark and watched the way that she splashed about trying to locate me. Breaking the surface, I smiled as the water ran off me.

“I’ll show you the way that you should be holding yourself,” I said before ducking back under the water.

I placed my hand on her bare stomach and felt her shiver slightly at my touch. That was exactly when I knew that I had her. I placed my other hand on her thigh and held her up in the water. The heat coming off her skin was incredible and she clearly felt it too.

Sarah moved out of my grasp and swam down into the water too. She looked at me through the water and I could see the little bubbles coming out of her mouth as she tried to stay under with the same skill as me. Our bodies moved together, and she wrapped her legs around me. I felt my cock twitch with anticipation as we came together. Her lips met mine, in a fleeting kiss, then she had to go up for air.

I chased her up to the surface and watched her plump lips part as she gasped for air. Kissing her deeply, I darted my tongue in and out of her mouth. As I kissed her, I guided her to the edge of the pool where she gripped the side for support. I dipped down into the water right away and I looked at her wonderful body.

I was hard already, and desperate to slip inside her, but I wanted to play with her a little more first. Under the water, I placed my hands on her stomach and started to move up towards her breasts. With one hand, she reached back and unclipped her top. It came away and floated up to the surface. I swam around her, admiring the plump breasts as they floated slightly in the water.

Behind her, I came up for air and to place kisses on her neck. As I kissed her, I reached around and squeezed her breasts hard. I heard her moan deeply and I pressed my hard cock against her arse. She pressed back into me, begging me with her body to enter her.

I went back down and pulled her bikini bottoms away. I pulled them all the way down her long legs and then discarded them. Sarah parted her legs as I slipped my head between them, looking up at her centre. I brought my lips to the sweet pink opening and, with my hands gripping her plump arse cheeks, licked at her clit. I could feel Sarah shivering with arousal as I licked at her. I could taste her excitement as it leaked out and into the water.

My cock was twitching, desperate to get inside her. I could taste her becoming desperate for it too. I started to move my whole body between her legs, moving along until my cock was just below her opening. I slipped out of my speedos and my cock sprung out and touched her wet entrance.

Using the side of the pool, Sarah lowered herself onto it. We were both suspended in the water, being held by it in whatever position was most comfortable, as she lowered herself. I moaned, a little bubble rising to the surface, as the tip slipped inside. The water had held it, but her insides were something else entirely. It was being entirely engulfed by her and the pressure of her depths.

I broke the surface of the water with just my head and looked up at Sarah as she moaned. Her eyes rolled and her lips parted as she thrust herself up and down on my cock. I thrust myself up into her too and, in the water, our bodies moved in perfect time with ease. It felt like the most natural thing in the world, like our bodies coming together in the cool water was exactly what they were designed to do.  

My cock slid in and out of her with long and decadent strokes. I could feel her squeezing it, trying to milk the cum from me, as we moved with ease through the water. Her moans started to get more desperate and her breathing more laboured as she started to cum. I let her take the reins and I matched her pace as she rode out her orgasm. Her sweet moans made my cock twitch inside her and the way that she squeezed me with each wave of her orgasm drove me wild with desire.

Grabbing her hips, I knew that I needed to fuck her to my own orgasm. I couldn’t hold back any longer. Though we were so comfortable in that water that I could have thrust into her for hours, I was so aroused that I needed to finish.

Our lips met in a deep and passionate kiss. Her tongue dived into my mouth, exploring it like a cave diver. She kissed me with such passion like she was desperate for air and kissing me was the only way that she could get it. While she kissed me, I felt myself losing control. My entire body tensed as my orgasm started to take control of me. I grunted into Sarah’s open mouth as I started to cum.

I thrust and thrust through the waves of my orgasm while her tongue encouraged me to keep going and going. When my body finally relaxed into a post-orgasm state, Sarah kissed my forehead gently. I was entirely spent, but her slick body under the water was so arousing.

Even though I had a competition the next day, we spent all day relaxing in and out of the pool. We let our bodies float long on the current of our desire and we made slow and passionate love over and over again.


The next day, Sarah woke me early to get me to the competition. She seemed almost a little embarrassed by the day that we had spent together, I suppose she rarely behaves that way with her clients. I kissed her deeply, to assure her that everything was fine. I wanted to take her there, her body looked so sexy in the new tight-fitting dress that she was wearing for the event day, but we had to go.

In the car, I ran my fingers over her legs and leant in close. I whispered to her all the things that I wanted to do to her, all the things that I promised I would do later. I listened to her breathing as she imagined what it might be like.

When I had to leave to dive, she kissed me in front of everyone. I could already feel the adrenaline starting to build as she whispered, “stay safe.”

Driven by the passion and determination, I had the deepest dive out of everyone at the event. Along with the rest of our team, me and Sarah went to the after-party on the beach. The tension between us was too much though, we kept sharing these meaningful looks that were making me hard. I knew that I had to get her alone so I took her hand and we snuck off together down the beach.  

In a rocky cove, we discarded our clothes in the passionate heat and dipped into the clear blue water. I swam out a bit, challenging her to race me. She followed, swimming skillfully, but not as skillfully as me.

We kissed, deep and passionate. She tasted of sea salt and vanilla. As we kissed, she wrapped her legs around me and our bodies fit together perfectly as we floated together in the water. We fit so perfectly, that the tip of my cock was already pressing against her ready pussy. She kissed me with a wild passion that still surprised me. She was so shy and quiet right up until we let our desire rule us, then she was like an animal.

“I’ve waited all day to feel you inside me,” she whispered, “please don’t tease.”

I was tired after the competition, and still trying to come down from the adrenaline of my win, but desire overcame me. With one smooth stroke, I penetrated her. I thrust myself all the way inside of her and then held myself there, enjoying the bright smile that spread across Sarah’s face.

I thrust up into her while she pushed herself down. We moved slowly and in perfect time. Her damp skin against mine in the cool water was divine. I looked out at the sunset that framed her beautiful blonde hair and moaned loudly. We were far enough out that no one could hear us, we could be wild.

“Hold your breath,” I whispered. She nodded and took a deep breath in.

Without pulling my cock out of her, I spun us down into the depths of the water. I watched the way that we made the water bubble as we came down below the surface. Her eyes were wide as she looked at me, I held her close, still thrusting myself inside her. We moved down into the water gracefully, almost as if we were one beautiful sea creature. A pair of small blue fish darted past us to our left and we both smiled.

Still moving as one, I brought us back up to the surface. Sarah gasped as she took in air, but I didn’t stop thrusting myself into her. After waiting all day to get to do this, I wasn’t ready to wait for my release. I thrust into her with quick movements and listened to her moan.

I felt the unmistakable feeling of her pussy tightening around me as she started to cum. I was ready to burst too and quickened my pace just a little, pushing us both off the edge and into the depths of ecstasy. She moaned wildly as her pussy squeezed my cock. I moaned and growled too as I came inside her. The way that she squeezed me made my orgasm so much more intense and I could tell that every time my cock twitched she felt a powerful rush of pleasure.

Our bodies felt so in sync with each other, as we both rode out the waves of our orgasms together in perfect harmony. We held each other, and the sea held us both, as we got lost in the pleasure of our love. Floating there in the salty water, we started to slow. My body ached after a long day, but the sea held me comfortably.

We stayed there a while, trying to be still so that the fish might come closer. We kissed deep and passionate kisses, our tongues moving together like two dolphins at play.