I saw Brittany at the bar long before she saw me. It had been years since we had worked together and, as is often the case, we had mostly lost touch since then. She didn’t look much older but her make up was very light and classy and, though her clothes were fairly casual, everything was very neat.

There had always been a chemistry between us, she would jokingly call me her ‘work boyfriend’, and I had always wondered if that could blossom into something more. The flirting was fun, but I always felt like we were teasing each other a little too much and I wanted more.

I tapped her on the shoulder and she turned around to see me. The smile she gave me was instant and with nothing held back. As soon as I saw that smile it was clear to me that there was still something between us.

As I opened my arms to embrace her, she pressed her whole body into mine and wrapped her arms around me to pull us as close together as possible. I could feel the curves of her body under her clothes. The little dip of the waist before it curved out into her hips against my hand and her pert breasts pressing into my chest.

She let out a little sigh, her breath hot against my ear. Turning my head, my lips brushed against her cheek. There were sparks there. I half expected her to pull away suddenly but she turned her head towards me too, dragging her soft lips along my cheek. It felt as if there was a force outside of myself that was pulling my lips towards her, and she seemed to feel it too.

Her lips gently brushed against mine and a sort of wild passion seemed to overwhelm the both of us. Opening her mouth, she welcomed my tongue as we began to kiss deeply. She was tugging at my clothes as we kissed passionately. It was clear that we both felt the need to get closer than this. Taking charge, I offered to get us a room at the hotel next door.

The excitement dragged us along to the room in a hot daze. As I fumbled with the key card, Brittany was rocking back and forth onto her toes with an eager impatience. When I opened the door, we tumbled into the room in a rush to get at each other’s bodies.

We kissed, a deep and indulgent kiss, and I started to paw at her body over her clothes. I helped her out of her shirt, revealing a black lacy bra, and kissed the soft flesh of her chest. Already, the bulge in the front of my trousers had grown painfully hard and was demanding to be freed.

I lifted Brittany and dropped her onto the bed. Gasping as she fell, she gave me a wide eyed look of pure arousal. In a rush, I pulled off my clothes. Brittany went to move towards me, wanting to take hold of my throbbing erection, but I was desperate to get her out of her clothes. I unbuttoned her trousers and pulled them off as she unhooked her bra and threw it off the bed. She was wearing a black lace thong that matched the bra, maybe she had also been fantasizing that our reunion would end this way.

Pulling off her white cotton socks I was instantly drawn to her feet. Delicate little things, with high arches, and the nails painted a beautiful blue. I kissed the sole of her foot and Brittany let out a little sigh of pleasure at the contact. Wanting to push it a little further, I took her big toe in my mouth and carefully watched her reaction. Moaning softly, she shut her eyes to really feel the sensation. I started to suck harder, drawing more moans from her pretty mouth, and then started to explore further. I licked the sole of her foot, from heel to toe, following the curve of her high arches. As I went to work on her toes, darting my tongue between them, Brittany seemed overwhelmed with pleasure.  She gasped and moaned and occasionally let out an encouraging little ‘ohh...yes’.

After I had worshipped both her feet, I felt unbelievably aroused. My cock was dripping with pre cum from so much arousal. Tearing away her thong, I pounced on her. Her little cunt was so pretty and dripping wet with its dew.

I sucked on one of her nipples as she begged me to take her. “Please,” she moaned, “please fuck me.”

Lifting and spreading her legs for me, Brittany moaned as I started to push my cock into her. The release I felt as her hot wet cunt welcomed me was unbelievable. It had been worth the wait and the teasing. The build up had been so long and so hot that I was not ready to hold back anything. Slamming the full length of my cock into her, she cried out with pleasure. With long rough strokes, I fucked her relentlessly. Increasing my speed, faster and faster, Brittany writhed and moaned on the bed.

Panting, she pushed me away, trying to get me to stop. “I want to be on top,” she said with a grin as she repositioned herself.

Her hair a mess and her skin glistening with a light layer of sweat, she looked stunning as she started to lower herself onto my cock. Letting out a long and powerful moan, she impaled herself on my stiff cock. Once she had pushed it in as far as it would go she let the pleasure take control of her. Wildly, she bounced up and down, moaning and screaming with pleasure. I felt the inside of her cunt start to spasm and tighten, it felt like she was trying to milk the cum from me. Her orgasm was powerful, she seemed to be completely at the mercy of the pleasure she was getting from my body.

Once the waves of it had mostly finished hitting her, she climbed off and lay down on the bed beside me. Standing up, I ran my hand over her trembling body. Though she seemed exhausted, my touch brought back a little of that passion. Falling to her knees at my feet, she kissed my still hard cock.

Covering me in kisses she begged, “please cover my face in cum.”

I smiled as I looked down at her and told her to lick her cunt juices off my cock. My cock was very sensitive and I moaned as she licked her cum from me. She cleaned me as thoroughly as she could and then she started to take my cock further and further into her mouth.

Bobbing her head back and forth she shoved my cock deep into her throat, desperate for my cum.

Grabbing her by the hair I pulled her back so that my cock was just out of reach of her mouth. “You want my cum to cover your face? You want to be soaked with it?” I growled as she nodded, “suck me harder then.”

With a wild enthusiasm, she sucked and sucked at me. Every trick she had, she threw at me desperate for my cum. She had so much skill and her begging me was so hot that I was ready to cum. I was desperate for it too. I had to give her what she wanted.

Holding her by her hair I came. My spunk squirted powerfully over her face, covering her with it. She moaned as it hit her, wave after wave of it. Smiling as the cum covered her, dripping into her mouth and off her chin onto her breasts. She even licked the final drops of it from the tip of my cock.

It seemed she was hungry for more. I went to clean up and get ready for another round. It had been even better than my fantasies and I was not going to stop just yet.