Who Am I?

I’m a freelance writer specializing in the erotic and sensual. Loving to create and inhabit these worlds, I can craft a delicious moment of sensuality or weave something much longer. The world of fantasy is important to me. I believe that our internal worlds, the dreams we play out in our minds or on the page, are a key part of what makes sexuality beautiful. People have the capacity for so much pleasure and creativity, and I love to assist in unlocking this.

In my work, I have been able to bring together the art of writing with my fascination for sex. My abilities to create characters and worlds has complimented my knowledge of sex and curiosity to learn more. Knowing what turns people on, the huge range of tastes we’re able to experience, is a joy.

My extensive knowledge of sexuality allows me to get inside the mind of a reader and craft a scene that hits just right. The world of kink is a familiar and comfortable place for me. I have the factual knowledge to craft those worlds (toys, furniture, partialism for body parts, the psychology of taking or losing control, the ins and outs of sadomasochism, responses incited by shame or praise). More than simply understanding the facts, I have an ability to understand the minds.

What Do I Do?

Commission Work

The base of my freelance work has always been my commissions. It’s where I started, and it continues to make up a large portion of my work. The idea was a simple one, can I use my skills to craft custom erotica? I offered my services and found a demand. Some have a clear idea of what they want, others not. Either way, I craft personalized stories to please unique tastes.


Once I began to write commissions, finding my work to be popular, I found that people approached me for ghostwriting services. This started the commercial side of my work, writing produced for others to publish and profit from under their name (or, more commonly, their pen name). This ranges from writing entire novels and novellas, to single scenes that are inserted into larger works. If someone has an idea they wish to actualize into a book, but they don’t have the skills or time to write it, then I am available to help. If someone just needs assistance with the erotic scenes in a book they’re writing, needing a specialist touch, then I’m available to help with that too.

Blog Posts and Web Copy

Though I am primarily a creative writer, not a marketing one, my specialization in sex has led to me working on various non-fiction projects. Writing reviews and guides, I have produced a range of blog posts for adult toy retailers. Existing in this space, I have also assisted with producing web copy for those working in adult entertainment. My knowledge of sex allows me to produce not just steamy stories, but non-fiction works sharing that knowledge.


Writing primarily for audio erotica (and occasionally for video and animated content), I produce scripts used to create content by a voice actor or adult performer. Crafting stories in this medium is fascinating work and allows for even greater immersion. The lack of visuals in audio content works to its benefit, allowing the listener to insert themselves into the story fully. It’s no surprise that the audio erotica genre has taken off in recent years, with more and more people producing it and listening to it.

Video Games

Adult video games have also seen a boom in recent years, especially in the form of visual novels. Using a mix of writing, illustration, and animation, they create immersive erotic experiences. I have written content for many games, often assisting with single scenes or simply the erotic and romantic side of the game. For a genre where writing is so crucial, I enjoy being able to contribute something that can really make a game stand out.

Coaching and Editing

In my work as a ghostwriter, I’ve found that many talented writers struggle with handling sex in their work. It’s difficult finding the right balance when it comes to sex, writing something tantalizing while maintaining your themes and characterization. Not only am I able to write these scenes, but I’m available to coach and teach others.

Interested In Working With Me?

If you think that my services may be of use to you, then please get in touch. Simply, email me, and I’ll be in touch to discuss the project. If you’re not sure that I’m the right fit, or you have any questions, still feel free to get in touch. I’ll provide you with any information you need.