The Service

Over the past few years, I have written hundreds of erotic story commissions. Taking the ideas and fantasies of my clients, I craft a personalized piece of erotica for them to enjoy. I write for a wide range of people, handling a wide range of themes and kinks, and love to create an experience that’s entirely personal to them.

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Who Am I? I’m a freelance writer specializing in the erotic and sensual. Loving to createand inhabit these worlds, I can craft a delicious moment of sensuality or weavesomething much longer. The world of fantasy is important to me. I believe thatour internal worlds, the dreams we play out in our…

Who Is this For?

Simply, I write for anyone who wants a personalized erotic story. There are many reasons a person might desire this.

There is a beautiful diversity to sexuality and fantasy. Many people choose to explore this through erotic art and literature. I enjoy assisting with this, helping people to explore themselves through the commissions I write for them.

You may want something with personalized characters, putting yourself and/ or others into the story as characters. It could be for you, or a gift you wish to share with your partner. Maybe you have specific tastes. This could be words you want or don’t want used, or there could be a kink you want explored. It can even be that your story is clear to you, and you simply want someone to bring that story to life for you.

For whatever reason, I love to help people bring these fantasies to life in my work. Entirely personalized to you, your desires and tastes, I can craft your story.

The Process

Every project starts with an initial enquiry. If you’re interested in having me write a commission for you, or if you have any questions, then get in touch. Then, we’ll go from there.

Following an initial enquiry, I ensure that I learn everything that I need in order to craft your story. This may come in the form of you providing me with a brief that I use to guide me. Or, if you’re unsure of what it is you’re looking for, then we will be able to work that out together.

It is also at this stage that I will be able to provide you with a quote for the story and an idea of timescale. This depends on the length of what I write for you. Before I start writing, we will agree on the word count I am aiming for. This means that you will know how much the cost is before I start working, with no surprises if I over run. In the case that you feel the story needs more words, you can request this after the delivery has been made and they can be added.

What I Need From You

In order to create a story that matches your desires, I need to know what those desires are. Often, clients who have a clear idea of what they’re looking for will provide me with a brief. It could be very detailed, or very sparse, but a brief is always welcome.

If you don’t have a clear idea, then tell me what you know, and we’ll start from there. For example, you might know that there’s a kink you wish to explore and that’s all. I can start there, making suggestions and asking questions that allow me to create a clear idea of what you need.

My work is written entirely from scratch, personalized to you, but I can only use the information you give me. I always welcome extra detail I can use to make a story work for you, even small things like wanting characters to have a specific hair colour.

I also need to know what length you would like the story to be. This is entirely up to you, and sets the price of the commission, but I am always able to help with understanding what length might work best.

Once I feel I have everything I need to know, then I can begin.


If you’re curious about having a custom story written, then get in touch. It all starts with an initial enquiry, with no commitments. Just email me letting me know that you’re interested in having a commission written. Feel free to share some details about what it is you’re looking for, to ask any questions you have, or just to start the process with expressing your interest.