In February 2020 I was working temp jobs as a receptionist, trying to figure out what I wanted to do with myself. I knew that I loved to write, especially about sex, but I couldn’t see a way to make any real money off this. I had self-published a few short erotica pieces, but I felt like no one was seeing them. Though I was trying to find the right path, it all felt a little hopeless.

When I created an account on Fiverr, advertising myself as a custom erotic story writer, my hopes weren’t all that high. I couldn't imagine that many people would even be interested in hiring me to write their stories with so much smut available for free, but I wanted to give it a go. Even if I was writing for next to nothing at first, I was still doing what I loved and knowing that at least one person was going to read it.

To my surprise, the orders started to come in. By that time, it was clear that the world was about to change. My temp job ended and I knew that it wouldn’t be much use looking for another with all the offices about to close. I decided to try writing custom stories full time. I was lucky to have enough savings and people supporting me that I could afford to fail, and it felt like the perfect time.

At first, I was working for next to nothing. I loved what I was doing though, and so I kept going. Getting to talk to people about their fantasies and to bring them to life on the page was a dream. The way that people reacted to the stories I wrote for them was exhilarating.

Every glowing 5* review that I got built my confidence more and more. I put my prices up, and the work continued to come in. I started to realise that I might actually be able to make a living doing what I love.

I was doing something that I loved and I was feeling like I was doing some good in the world too. I was writing stories for people that were bringing them pleasure and joy. I was using everything that I have learnt about kink and BDSM to help people explore themselves and to learn new things about their sexuality.

Making that Fiverr account was this little stab in the dark that has led to me being able to write full time. I'm so glad that I put myself out there and gave it a shot. Over the past year, I have grown so much as a writer and as a businesswoman. I have learnt so much and gained so much confidence. There is so much more that I want to do and more that I want to achieve, but I feel like I’m on the right path. I’m doing something that I love, and I’m making an impact in people’s lives.